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Legal Services

North-West Auditing Company has been operating in the legal service market for over 3 years providing services of any complexity to legal entities and private individuals. 
One of our key principles often ignored by companies servicing this market segment reads Primum non nocere (First, do no harm). 
The advantage of our Legal Department is in its network of contacts in commercial and state bodies.
North-West Auditing Company always delivers full and accurate legal services whether you register/liquidate your company or have a challenging litigation.


We can resolve your problems by the means most acceptable to you: 
by representing your interests in the Arbitration Tribunal, Court of Referees or General Jurisdiction Court of any judicial instance and at any stage of the proceedings or in any other dispute practically no matter how complex or what branches of law or problems it involves.

To file an appeal against a non-normative legal act of a state body with the next higher authority:

At a pre-trial stage:

  • To study your case and to assess its prospects; to develop a strategy
  • To negotiate with your opponent
  • To handle disagreements and reconciliation/settlements 
  • To draft amicable settlements
  • To prepare claims, suits or complaints
  • To develop and submit a document package as required by law and procedures
  • To consult on handling the case (or dispute).

During the execution of the judgment: 

  • To file a suit, petition or complaint to any court or arbitration tribunal of any judicial instance and at any stage of proceedings or to the next higher state authority
  • To develop the best case handling strategy including updates to the previous strategy 
  • To directly represent client in court, arbitration tribunal or at the next higher state authority and to appeal against court decisions or judicial decrees. 

During the court trial:

  • To provide support during execution proceedings
  • To monitor actions of bailiffs
  • To appeal against actions of the executing bailiffs if required.

At every specific instance the handling of your case will be entrusted with a professional practitioner who has the best competence in this specific law branch. 

Representing our customer interests at state bodies and institutions: 

Our professionals will act as your representatives at state bodies when it comes to tax, administrative, customs, anti-monopoly or other branches of jurisprudence.


North-West Auditing Company has a wide experience in delivering the aforementioned services. 

Here we apply the CUSTOMER FOCUS principle. 

Your requirements are translated into a legal format that considers your economy, corporate and legal safety and possible changes in the law.

In this respect our company has a competitive advantage of delivering TURN KEY services. You make an order and receive an ultimate result without any intermediate stages. 

The services include:

  • to register legal entities of any form of incorporation 
  • to accredit representation offices and branches of foreign countries
  • to register non-incorporated entrepreneurs
  •  to introduce changes into foundation documents of legal entities 
  • to dissolve organizations either under a classical scenario of the current legislation or via an alternative scheme which ensures security of the interested parties
  • to obtain permits to employ foreign workforce, to draft all required documents and to review them from the law standpoint. The current law institutes an administrative procedure for attracting and employing foreign workforce. Employers can attract and employ foreign workers only having received a permit to do this. And foreign workers can work in the Russian Federation only having obtained a work permit (a plastic card) 
  •  to dissolve non-incorporated entrepreneurs
  • to register emissions of shares with the Russian Federation Committee on Security Market (Federal Service for Financial Markets)
  • to license, i.e. to acquire licenses you need for licensed activities including but not limited to construction, tourism, healthcare, etc. If needed, we ensure changes in your foundation documents and register the form of business incorporation you need for the specified activity
  • to provide legal counseling in all the aforementioned. 


North-West Auditing Company is your provider of a complete range of services that as practice proves are needed to run a business

These services are:

  • business counseling for foreign companies or their representation offices in the Russian Federation; Corporate Law; counseling in Civil, Economic, Tax and other adjacent law branches
  •  consulting, opinions and references on legal issues that may arise in course of your business and necessary assistance to ensure timely and legitimate solutions to disputable matters
  • a review and analysis of earlier signed agreements to check for any contractual risks, for compliance with legislation and development of recommendations
  • judicial analysis and drawing of documents; examination of whether clients internal documents comply with legal requirements; assistance to clients in terms of preparation and correct drafting of certain documents;
  • making and reviewing contracts and other source documents; assistance in terms of establishing controls over contract execution; minimization of contractual risks; participation in negotiations
  • legal due diligence of economic projects
  • protection of trademarks and copyright
  • documenting properties and lease agreements 
  • representing your interests at tax or other state bodies/institutions, at courts or at the Arbitration Tribunal
  • minimization of commercial, legal or other risks and a judicial examination of disputable situations
  • subject-targeted reviews of legislation as requested by customers and based on their business specifics
  • monitoring of the current legislation.

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North-West Auditing Company ensures a comprehensive legal support to your business and acts as your Legal Adviser by

  • reviewing and drafting your contracts
  • counseling on your business current legal matters.


Experts of North-West Auditing Company are willing to deliver quality and professional consulting on any matters of your interest virtually across all branches of law. 

Counseling is delivered by practicing lawyers who operate in their respective fields of business and consider the valid legislation with its latest revisions, trends, court precedents and attitude of state bodies which supervise a specific sector. 

Legal Counseling in the following law branches: 

  • Tax Law
  • Economic Law
  • Corporate Law 
  • Customs Law
  • Succession Law
  • Family Law
  • Housing Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Contractual Law
  • Labor Law
  • Other related branches including norms of international law. 


Lawyers of North-West Auditing Company can effectively assist with organizing your business and creating some extra potential for its successful development. Our competitive advantage is rooted in the delivery of top level services and in mutually beneficial relations with our future clients. 


Experts of North-West Auditing Company are ready to audit your document flow and any of your legally significant actions to determine their compliance with the current legislation or any specific objective.

We offer the following legal audit services: 

  • To deliver a legal due diligence of foundation documents, contracts, their drafts or support documents to determine their compliance with law and with requirements of state regulatory bodies
  • To make a discrepancy report and to review a submitted discrepancy report
  • To review internal documents on companys operations
  • To draft local non-normative acts
  • To draft new contracts customized for companys requirements to later serve as templates
  • To comprehensively review customers document flow for its legal compliance; to develop recommendations and to provide either written or oral opinion on the review
  • To examine or restore legal documents for specific deals that are to be submitted to state bodies or to be audited by various state supervisory institutions
  • To counsel on the aforementioned.


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