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The organizational chart of North-West Auditing Company includes 4 departments:

AUDITING DEPARTMENT employs 5 professional auditors. Each of our auditors is qualified an has a solid experience of internal and third party audits, tax, voluntary or mandatory audits at businesses of different nature, organizational formats and ownership.

In their work our auditors are guided by the following principles:

  • Independence; 

  • Impartiality;

  • Professional competence; 

  • Confidentiality of information ; 

  • Professional conduct; 

  • Adherence to technical (audit) standards.

In compiling an audit team North-West Auditing Company applies the following main criteria:

  • Experts must have at least a 3 year auditing and consulting experience with major companies;

  • Must know industry specifics of the auditee; 

  • Must perfectly know accounting and taxation laws.

We make a permanent team of professionals (audit team) who performs a stage-by-stage audit. The team is headed by the Audit Team Leader.

The audit team includes lawyers specializing in tax legislation and, if necessary, involves IT specialists. 

ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT SERVICING OUR SUBSCRIBERS employs accounting and finance professionals who act as chief accountants and deliver a full range of accounting services.

We have a wide experience in preparing for, conducting of and supporting of on-site targeted/comprehensive and chamber tax audits where we met the majority of Federal Tax Service Inspectorates of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast (regional, branch and interregional inspectorates).

The Company has staff professionals to resolve confidential issues. These employees work in close contact with state bodies and government services.

LEGAL DEPARTMENT employs 2 qualified professional lawyers experienced, among other things, in how state finance and supervisory bodies operate. The department has a wide and successful experience at Arbitration Tribunals and General Jurisdiction Courts at all stages of proceedings with regard to tax, corporate or business disputes or disagreements with state bodies or government services. The department promptly consults practically on any issue related to finance or business activities. We have acquired certain experience in developing schemes on minimizing of tax burden and risks associated with deals (including foreign economic affairs or customs) or with loans.

Our Legal Department has a network of contacts in commercial and state fiscal, supervisory and law-enforcement bodies which gives us an advantage. 

HUMAN RESOURCE AND PERSONNEL SERVICES DEPARTMENT employs highly skilled professionals in human resource and personnel management issues who worked at big companies with many staff. Our experts provide a full scale personnel-related support associated with the whole employment cycle (from scratch till the support during audits by Labor Inspectorates).


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