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Personnel Services

Personnel Audit is a comprehensive consulting project that includes diagnostics of whether the company correctly maintains its human resource records from the legal and document flow standpoints, recommendations for and an execution of assignments on eliminating companys errors in personnel records and training of your specialist.

Under Personnel Services we mean a full maintenance of staff-related records of your company in the capacity of your HR specialist. 

Optimization of your staff record system to ensure that:

  • You successfully complete audits by the Labor Inspectorate
  • Companys management is protected in labor disputes (drafting legally valid documents)
  • Companys management is protected against precedents of administrative, material and criminal sanctions imposed by the Labor Inspectorate
  • Your personnel decisions are valid from the law standpoint. 

Development of a complete, customized Human Resource Document Package that will ensure your passing official audits:

  • To create an optimal system of personnel records that will take into account your business specifics
  • To implement the Human Resource Document Flow in your company
  • If required, to prepare personnel files for archiving.

Personnel Search:

  • Search and recruit employees required by your company.

Personnel Appraisal: 

  • Appraise your staff in order to assess their professional qualities and to develop schemes to transfer to other positions or to fire incompetent employees.











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