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Accounting Services

Full-fledged accounting in the Chief Accountant capacity:

Accounting Services: Article 6 of the Federal Accounting Law allows to outsource your accounting (i.e. accounting for your company will be performed by an external organization). Accounting services provided by North-West Auditing Company to businesses include all aspects of bookkeeping and tax accounting:

  • Everyday bookkeeping across all ledgers

  • Calculation of taxes

  • Construction of all ledgers

  • Design of all internal documents and reporting

  • Generation of external financial statements

  • Generating reports to Federal Tax Service Inspectorates, non-budgetary funds and statistical bodies

  • Submitting reports to Federal Tax Service Inspectorates, non-budgetary funds and statistical bodies

  • Protecting customer interests at Federal Tax Service Inspectorates, non-budgetary funds and statistical bodies.

As a result you have good documents and reports and minimal risks of claims to be raised by supervisory bodies. The cost of accounting service is determined based on the job complexity and volume of your documents.

Some companies find outsourcing of their accounting more convenient and less expensive than doing it themselves. You may not need this service at all or might reconsider it later. However, it shall be mentioned that we believe that the best scenario is when you start using our services from scratch.

This service enables our customers to keep their accounting via an external legal entity. This option is provided by Russian Federal Law No. 129 and by the Russian Tax Code. The advantage of such accounting scenario is that all its costs are included into production costs plus our customers will have a partner with real material liabilities for the work quality; the overall confidentiality of financial activities will also significantly improve.

Accounting Options

Having signed an Accounting Service Agreement we will make a schedule for delivery/acceptance of your source documents. These documents will be used by our accountants to prepare accounting ledgers, tax and bookkeeping reports.

Reconstruction and Organization of Business Accounting:  

Reconstruction of business accounting is a service designed to restore an organizations bookkeeping or tax accounting for any time period and of any accounting complexity. 
With this service our customers receive a restored bookkeeping and tax accounting with reports submitted to tax supervisory bodies. 
Very often due to big business volumes companies end up in situations when whole accounting chapters or their accounting as a whole fail to meet legal requirements. Sometimes companies skipped doing their accounting altogether and have just some source documents. However, if our customer values such a problem-burdened organization and cannot simply abandon it, we can help with restoring its bookkeeping and tax accounting. 

This will be achieved through the following steps:

Collect and process all available source documents
Create or restore all missing source documents
Recreate or restore historic balance sheets
Submit the generated reports to the tax inspectorate and funds
Make sure that further accounting is planned and based on the suggested accounting technology. 

As a result your accounting will be brought to a proper state and you will receive necessary recommendations on how to document your financial and business activities in the future. The service cost is determined by the complexity and negligence of the accounting and will be established by our experts after analyzing the status of your accounting.


These are bookkeeping services designed either to generate one-time or standing accounting statements, to execute certain accounting transactions selected by the customer (e.g., to create source documents, to work with banks, to calculate salaries, to submit tax statements to Federal Tax Service Inspectorates). Reports can be generated as part of a standing contract for accounting services or following a one-time contract. Reports are generated based on the bookkeeping and tax accounting data provided by the customer. 

Consulting on Bookkeeping Accounting and Reports 
Development and implementation of companys accounting policy and recommendations on how to optimize it
Development and implementation of the accounting policy is designed to create a wider accounting policy that will include companys internal standards and be compatible with computer-aided accounting systems ; it will enable a rational mechanism for generating internal and external accounting reports.
With this service our customers receive an accounting policy developed for their organizations that meets all organizational demands and takes into account the outlooks for companys activities one year ahead; the accounting policy is also implemented into practice. 
The accounting policy is introduced by the General Directors order and is submitted to the tax inspectorate. Afterwards, this tax policy is valid for the whole year and determines the applied taxation scheme. Thus, a tax policy is an important and fixed-term document.
Additionally we will be happy to provide the following services:

  • To develop industry sector instructions and guidelines on accounting for expenses/incomes; 

  • To develop guidelines on how to set up your accounting, namely: 

    • Working chart of accounts and guidelines on how to use it

    • Albums of standard and bookkeeping entries

    • Document flow schedule

    • Internal bookkeeping standards 

    • Source document forms 

    • Forms for annual and interim bookkeeping reporting with appendixes and instructions on how to fill them in

    • Procedure on how to make and submit accounting statements by daughter and dependent companies

    • Instructions on how to sum up costs related to product (works or services) manufacturing or sales.


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