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  • Mandatory Audit is an annual audit of how an organization maintains its accounting and financial reporting. Some organizations are obliged by law to have mandatory audits:

    • If their proceeds exceed 50 mln rubles or if their assets registered at the balance sheet are above 20 mln rubles; 

    • Public joint stock companies; 

    • Credit or insurance organizations; mutual insurance societies; commodity or stock exchanges; investment or state non-budgetary funds that were established with mandatory contributions by private individuals or legal entities as provided in the Russian law or funds that were established with voluntary contributions by private individuals or legal entities. 

  • Voluntary audits are the ones you initiate to focus on certain aspects. For instance, you can audit a certain accounting segment or selected balance sheet items, review economic contracts, audit how investors or owners (shareholders) interests are observed or whether the business performs efficiently; you can have a quick audit prior to an audit by tax or other supervising authorities to identify areas of potential risks or you can order other audit procedures (depends on your specifics). 

  • Quick audits are not intended to review in detail individual business transactions. Within one or two days (or sometimes within several hours) we will have an initial screening of your business where we analyze the completeness and accuracy of your tax policy and identify your company potential risks during tax audits. A brief written report of the quick audit outcomes will give you an assessment of the overall accounting level of your organization and recommendations on how to improve it.


  • A Special Audit focuses on individual accounting aspects: 
    • Audit of Currency Transactions
    • Audit of Specific Taxes
    • Audit of Import Transactions
    • Audit of Export Transactions
    • Audit of Credit Transactions
    • Audit of Leasing Transactions
    • Audit of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
    • Audit of Production Cost
    • Other areas of accounting
  • Special Audit by activity types: 
    • Audit of Small Businesses (Small Business Enterprises)
    • Audit of Insurance Companies
    • Audit of Nonprofit Organizations
    • Audit of Trade Companies
    • Audit of Construction Companies 
    • Audit of Foreign Economic Activities of Organizations
    • Audit of Service Companies
    • Audit of Catering Companies
    • Audit of Production Companies.

TAX AUDIT is designed to audit accounting and tax statements for their credibility and compliance with established rules. Tax audit is aimed at reducing your tax risks to a minimum.

North-West Auditing Company audits per following reporting periods: one month, one quarter, half-a-year, 9 months and one year. Such timing allows to avoid lengthy disruptions in operations of your accounting office and to promptly cure any identified accounting errors. A general meeting of companys founders (members) or shareholders that approves an annual balance sheet whose credibility and accuracy are supported by the audit opinion of North-West Auditing Company will be able to correctly and accurately distribute the profit or to identify any loss and apply timely measures without violating the tax law.

Having ordered audits or consulting at our company you will work with experienced and qualified personnel of North-West Auditing Company thus ensuring significant economic benefits for further implementation of any of your business projects. Having entrusted us with resolving your issues and tasks you can rest assured of getting customized and qualified assistance for the business aspect you have outsourced to North-West Auditing Company.

An audit opinion by North-West Auditing Company which confirms the credibility of accounting documents is a sign that your business is open and transparent and that will definitely increase its attractiveness to partners and improve your rating as a stable member of the business community for state authorities.

Any confidential data you provide will be used only in your best interest.


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